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King Intermediate School Band —  Kāne`ohe, Hawaii:  Come play with us!

KIBA Boosters —  The King Intermediate Band Association:   Help us help the students who have a passion for music.

HSTA-R — The Hawai`i State Teachers Association – Retired:   The main website of teachers in Hawai`i.

Robert Baker Aitken —  daddy, Zen scholar, teacher, and author.

Robert Grant Aitken —  great-granddaddy, astronomer extraordinaire.

Robert Thomas Aitken  — grand-daddy, ethno-anthropoligist.

Anne Hopkins Aitken —  step-mommy, real-life angel.

Ferris Finley Laune —  grampa, pioneer penologist.

Wilhelmina Pollack Laune  —  Mums, first violinst.