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President – Jonathan Gillentine
Vice-President – Phyllis Ida
Secretary – Valerie Chun-Urima
Treasurer – [vacant]

At Large

Marianne Busher, Henry “Hank” Choy, Candace Chun, Mae Kishimoto, Robin Hermance, & Yvonne “Linda” Tavares



Aloha/Awards: Candace Chun
Elections: [vacant]
EUTF/ERS: Mae Kishimoto
LAT/RIC: Marianne Busher & Robin Hermance
Membership: Jeanne Fukuoka , Sha Murata, & Linda Tavares
Newsletter: Rose Shin
Special Events: Hank Choy
Webmaster: Tom Aitken

HSTA-Retired strives to protect and improve the general welfare of its members and to support public education.